L&D vs. HR vs. OD…

There are a couple of interesting discussions going on in the ASTD and HR groups on LinkedIn regarding whether L and D (learning and development) should really be a separate function from HR (human resources).  There’s another on whether OD (organizational development) and training are or should be friends or enemies.  Traditionally, HR has had responsibility for anything to do with human capital development (I know; sounds bank-ish, like counting coins and bills!), along with all the legal, transactional (comp and benefits), compliance, employee relations and grievance issues that show up in larger organizations.  The link to the discussion is here:  http://bit.ly/aLyslw

My take is this:  L and D should be a separate function.  I’ll admit I have a vested interest in this idea; while one of my master’s degrees is in HR, I’ve never been a practitioner, and as an L and D strategist, expert coach and facilitator/trainer I find I’m getting shut out of jobs I think I’d be a good-to-great fit for because I don’t have the other HR pieces.  Even though it traditionally reports up to the VP HR, Terry Seamon, a commentator on this discussion, said it best:  “…a smart HR leader will hire really good L&D people and get out of their way.”


About XpertMCC

Credentialed executive coach, learning and development senior manager/consultant, facilitator and trainer based in Trenton, NJ. Enjoys thinking about and writing on all these topics and more. Favorite quote: "Life is uncertain - eat dessert first!"
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